Omy and Sam had a simple but powerful dream - that we are all responsible for one another. Omy, a genocide survivor, met Sam in Rwanda and soon married and together they started an organization to empower children by listening to their stories and giving them the tools and support to become agents of change. They have returned to Rwanda to bring health care to hundreds of kids, many who’s families were displaced or separated during the atrocities of ‘94. While he was home, he saw how the simple act of sharing health and security with others made him feel stronger himself.

The Rise - The origins of Impanda

Sam and Omy came to us to help brand their non-profit Impanda. Over the course of a few months, we created multiple videos to help Impanda explain what they were doing in the world, and why.

Impanda has returned to Rwanda multiple times to bring backpacks to children living on the street filled with the essentials that may help them gain a foothold including recurring health care cards.

Win Win - A musical bond across the world and history\

Part of the vision was to connect Rwanda to the rest of the world through song. Before he left, he wrote and recorded a new song inspired by a cross border connection. In Rwanda Omy brought family and friends together to share their stories and dance. Upon his return, we gathered a local group to do the same.